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Do You Workout?

So, do you workout? I mean not just in January but regularly enough to have a routine? To some people, this might be a strange question but, I believe the answer to that question has a lot to do with what kind of person you are. Ever heard the saying you are what you eat? Well guess what, you are the result of your exercises or lack of it. Everything you do in life can be traced back to whether or not you exercise.

Have you looked in the mirror lately and do you like what you see? I mean 100%? Oh you do? Stop it! Even gym rats and top models still struggle with their images in the mirror. I mean there’s always room for improvement and I have a name for people who are 100% satisfied with their body, fitness level and, don’t see any room for improvement; super delusional. Now let’s get real, the day we stop improving is the day we start dying. There’s a statistic out there I won’t delve into here too much but it’s got to do with older retired people. It basically concludes that when people retire after working 30 to 40 years, having something to go to everyday and some sort of routine. Their health deteriorates drastically and most that don’t find other areas of interest soon die. Very sad but no surprises there, being active is inherent in human nature.

So, how active are you?

I am going to assume the people who answered no to the title of this post are those who find it difficult to exercise or workout. Either they work too many hours and are too tired to lift a finger afterwards or they can’t justify gym membership. I feel you and, believe me I’ve been there too and its part of the reason I started this blog. If you are really serious about working out, you don’t have to go it alone. This blog is sort of like my 2 cents so hope it helps. If you have worked out in the past but got stomped out by ‘life’ and had to give up and, are now willing to give it a second shot well, welcome back. If you are one of those defensive people, who cringe at the mention of ‘exercise or ‘workout’, guess what, you too aren’t alone.

The fact of the matter is; all of life’s challenges can be met head-on by having our ‘workout life’ in check. It’s like insurance against the unpredictability of life. Some people think they’ll have time to spend on other things if they don’t work out but, they still don’t have enough time for anything. Some think; ‘I’ll just skip today and double my effort tomorrow’ but, tomorrow comes and they don’t remember ‘it’ being this hard and they give up… that was 3 years ago. Ring any bells? Working out has to be a way of life, you aren’t going to get far until you take a look at yourself and give yourself a good talking to.

I don’t mean any AA recitals but a solid resolve to do something now! When you do this, it’s almost like now you have someone to answer to. You take it more serious and have a guilt trip every time you miss a session which let’s be honest we all do once in a while. No more excuses, working out never gets in the way of anything you want to do. You are making up all the reasons you can’t exercise and I’ll tell you why, it’s not what you do but how you do it. Do you only equate ‘working out’ to ‘going to the gym’? Wrong! Do you have a disability and quit as a result because you don’t see any way around it? Wrong! Did you stop working out because you couldn’t afford gym membership? Wrong! Think you are too old or…too young? Not if you can read this, lol.

As a personal trainer in the making I’ve heard all the excuses before. Once again it’s not what you do but how you do it that determines the desired result. We are wired to think in a certain way as humans, and when things don’t follow our pre-mapped path we lose interest. All this obstacles are not really obstacles when approached differently with a determined attitude. Where there’s a will there’s a way and I’ve got news for you, when it comes to working out there’s always a way.

So, let me ask you once again. Do you workout? If not at the moment but you wish you did then, I believe you’ve cleared the first hurdle.

Next step would be to start by taking what I call baby steps, depending on what you want to achieve from working out. If just want to run and get your lung capacity up, don’t start out aiming to run 6 miles because you are going to give up after 500 metres. Start small; write down what you want to achieve and create a timescale, break it down into monthly achievements and what you know you can do with regular progression. Print this out and paste it somewhere you can see every day, perhaps on your desktop or on the bathroom door on the inside. (No escaping it now!). The trick is not to start by working out every day but, working out at regular intervals that slowly gets you into the habit.

Watch your progress and don’t push yourself too hard. The beginning is always the hardest but, if you survive the first 3 weeks, the rest becomes a whole lot easier and that’s when you become addicted. I mentioned yesterday about how I got into working out by watching how some friends I had at University work out. Watching these guys in action cracking jokes, and just having fun in general slowly eased my fear about the ‘workout thing’. I thought to myself; surely can’t be that bad. It was all in the mind and if they could enjoy intensive exercises then, so could I. Well, how dumb I must have been.