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I feel great today.

Today I feel great, not that ‘great’ brought about by any artificial means or substances but a slightly more organic variety. You see, I’ve been kind of down lately. I’ve been too hard on myself, I  set my goals high naturally and I’m inconsolable when I fall short so, I push hard. But, there’s only so much one person can do. I mean I pride myself on having endless reserves; still no man is an island. I need a little encouragement every now and again just to keep at it as I’m guessing most people do.

So, it has been tough going hard non-stop and I just hit a wall and started to slide down. Well, something amazing happened. I realised the world didn’t end when I hit the bottom and, life goes on so I had to get up and dust myself up. Metaphorically speaking of course, This is obvious to most people, I know, but don’t you just push too hard at times? Thinking you can do it all, juggle everything and stay up all night working and still head to work in the morning? Is that really sustainable? Oh well, I guess no surprises when we run out of steam right?

I realised I needed a break. Not just physical but mental too. So I took a long weekend and I didn’t do jack! I have a stash of movies I’ve been too busy to watch so I dived right in. Called some friends out of the blues and scheduled a lot of catching up as I’d been missing in action. At a point I even got in my car, put on some music and went for a long drive with the music my only company. Wow, the joy of simple things.

Believe it or not, on certain days this is all the therapy you need.

After all these, I saw life differently. My workouts felt a lot better. I felt clear in my head about what I needed to do and learned a whole lot about the importance of taking a break, a well-earned break feels good. I mean it feels great. Not only that. I was able to look at all I’ve achieved. No matter how small I learned to pat myself on the back and say you know what; we did ok. Having said that, I can appreciate what I have now. Life, health, and freedom. These are some of the greatest gifts of all and I feel great indeed knowing this. How about you?