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Stay Motivated – Watch Your Goals Become Reality

Life’s metaphor, like training; it’s easier to keep going than it is to start. Inertia is so powerful; remember every session before you start working out? How hard it is taking the first few steps to warm up. That’s just life in general isn’t it? The first set is always a lot harder than the third set, because of the inertia, your body being at rest and, not wanting to be disturbed.
The same can be said of life, life can be such a bastard. It’s unforgiving, unrelenting and damn right stubborn. Just like you go to work and work your arse off just to pay the bills every month but, is there a breather at the end of it? No! The next month’s is just waiting around the corner waiting to hit you hard.
The thing about exercise is you’ve got to keep topping it up. It is just like you put away a little bit leftover, after paying your bills every month. You top up your physical shape by doing something worthwhile every day. This represents saving something for rainy days, because you are not always going to be able to train for an hour or hour and a half solid everyday so, you train 30 minutes here and 45 minutes there. Take no for an answer even when you didn’t sleep a wink the night before and your body feels weak. Drag that arse through it!! Save some for rainy days because those days are coming.
And when those days come, you don’t take a chill pill. You double the effort because you’ve been saving up and have a lot more in the reserve. You get out in that rain and pound the pavement with a smile on your face, relentlessly. Why? Because life is relentless. Because life only respects you when you are prepared for hurricanes and tornadoes and you stand your ground. It leaves you be and, blows everyone else away, leaving you standing there triumphantly…a champion.