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About Moi.

Personal Trainer/Web Media Producer/Editor/Contributor Soloworkout.TV/Personality.

I started a little research into other training techniques that do not necessarily involve the gym and slowly began to explore these. I had over the years used working out as a form of therapy too without knowing. My new training technique resulted in me feeling better about myself and seeing life differently, I became a personal trainer as a result and got addicted to the feeling I get from helping people work out.

As an extension to this I decided to start a blog and reach out. Personal training isn’t really about being a drill sergeant but a coach, a team-mate, and motivator.
I aim to inspire you to live a healthier fuller life, I discuss different approaches to ‘working out’ away from the gym and using the body itself as a workout machine.

I will also post videos of workout routines and my own workout techniques and, hope to inspire people put off by gym membership fees, location, lack of space or workout partners. My goal is to inspire others to incorporate fitness at any level into their day-to-day routine and, ultimately see it as a way of life.


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