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Why Do We Workout?

The Workout Philosophy:

Why do we workout? I’ve arrived at my own conclusion about my reason for ‘working out’. Life is one big battle, life is one major stress. Man, life will knock you down and continue to pummel you into the ground unless you do something about it. Most of us don’t realise this. Most of us refuse to acknowledge that we are at war, mainly with simple things we often overlook and even call conveniences. We are all tossed into this battlefield called life without any manual and told to get on with it. We may as well be blindfolded because by the time we realise the situation we are in, it’s often too late.

To workout is to escape and transcend this war and take a breather from it. To take a step back and take stock and come back rejuvenated and fired up. It’s often the medicine needed to combat that virus known as stress. The toxins expelled from a workout session would otherwise take the body months to get rid of naturally. Toxins clog our bodies and combined with increased exposures to environmental toxins, alcohol and say some drug use and unhealthy diets in developed societies, which let’s face it we all are guilty of, it becomes lethal. We don’t stand much of a chance if we want to survive this onslaught. As I said earlier, the battlefield we are on known as life is pretty hectic. Bullets are flying, IED’s are going off all around us and most of the time we are sitting ducks.

I’ll try to use my rambling on this blog to get across to you that either you acknowledge that we are at war or you don’t doesn’t change the reality. Not acknowledging the fact will be similar to a soldier who arrives at war and decides to drop his combat gears. His decision doesn’t change the reality he is in and just might get him killed because; he just made the job a lot easier for the enemy.

Life is so stressful these days that if you live in one of the big cities, it can have you transfixed. Like a sheep that follows the herd, you most likely just follow the crowd and what everyone else does. Deep down though you yearn for more, don’t you? You wish you had the drive to do more or, something to propel you into a life less ordinary. Instead of the rat race and the monotony of; work, eat, sleep and, maybe some bars or clubs at weekends. Can there be more to life? You ask yourself and probably shrug and convince yourself that there probably isn’t. As you snap out of this momentary introspection and quickly run to catch up with the rest of the herd, the question still bugs you.

Essentially what I’m saying is this; I believe there is more to life. In fact I know. As we enter a new phase in human history, most of us feel the weight of the world on our shoulders. Most people with jobs fear for their jobs as gone are the days of job security. The people without jobs live in perpetual state of anxiety and uncertainty. What with the bank crisis and the economy nose diving in most of the western hemisphere. The fear of the unknown can make a baby out of you, your mental capacity becomes subdued and you lose your composure. Yea, you can tell I’ve been there and I dare say a few people can relate. That’s just the tip of the iceberg, what about the mortgage? What about the kids’ education, shelter, food? Add all this to the mix and ‘stress’ just doesn’t describe it.

As a believer of the saying ‘nothing is new under the sun’ I just say when the going gets tough you have to keep going. The starting point must be to understand that previous generations experienced worse. We are at both the best and the worst times in our history but our advantage is the luxury of looking back. On a more personal level, I also believe in the ingenuity of man, humans are amazing creatures. We are set apart by our creativity and ability to solve problems, if we are able to step a step back that is and focus on the big picture.

This is where working out comes in.

To get those creative juices flowing we need to distract the mind and get our heart pumping. To workout is to unplug our mind from society’s programmed mainframe and face reality for what it is. Shake off the fears and worries that plague your mind. As one famous musician once said; ‘nothing really matters’, I’m not saying I totally agree with that saying but it does help you gain perspective. Perhaps a new perspective is all you need. I often get this after a good workout session, I see things differently. I start figuring out new approaches to problems. This I believe is brought about by just letting go momentarily and, distracting myself with a quick workout session. It’s like magic. If you’ve never experienced this I probably sound foreign to you and I don’t blame you. I got into working out when I met a few guys in my first year at University who all seemed to have perfectly sculpted bodies.

I never really thought I had any problems in the fitness department but, these guys made me realise I could be more. Not only that, they inspired me because going to the gym for them was like going for the next class. At that time, the thought of running a mile would have brought me out in cold sweat so imagine my surprise seeing these guys ‘normal routine’. These aren’t athletes but can be if they wanted to, they certainly looked the part. The difference here is that they ‘workout’ because, they enjoy it. I couldn’t believe anyone would be so crazy! I was fascinated and before long was compelled to join their sessions, if only as a spectator.

I’ll delve further in my next post… Until then, thanks for reading.

B sliq.


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